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Loan Options

Calculator and notebooks

Loan Options

Fixed Rate Loan

Our Fixed Rate loans are designed to provide borrowers the ability to know, with certainty, what their required debt service outlay will be for a specific time period. This allows for a hedge against uncertain interest rate environments. The borrower can choose to pay annual interest in advance or in arrears. Annual interest accrual is also available, subject to underwriting review and insurance carrier guidelines. Fixed interest rate loans are available for up to five years.


  • Loan interest payment method (advance, arrears, accrual) is fixed for a specific time period
  • Prepayment penalties may exist and additional collateral may be required
  • Fixed-rate loan options are available midterm; there is no requirement to establish a fixed rate at origination

Capped Rate Loan

The Capped Rate Loan is a version of our Premier Loan product, but adds the assurance of a preset rate ceiling. This removes the uncertainty of the rate exceeding a predetermined level, allowing the client to dictate the exact extent of their loan-cost appetite. An arrangement fee is likely necessary to establish a capped rate arrangement. This fee can be paid up front or rolled into the initial loan balance.

Interest Cap

Our Interest Payment Cap is designed to give borrowers more options when paying life insurance premiums. Through this offering, borrowers can use a portion of their premium payment toward paying down interest, with the rest of the payment either going toward the loan’s principal or being placed in an investment account. This option is ideal for borrowers with few limited gifting limitations and is helpful for estate planning. 

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