Fixed Rate Loan

The Fixed Rate Loan product is designed to provide borrowers the ability to know with certainty what their required debt service outlay will be for a specific time period. Fixed interest rate loans are available for up to 7 years. The Fixed Rate Loan affords a borrower the opportunity to predict what future obligations will be.

Benefits of the Wintrust Life Finance Fixed Rate Loan

  • Allows for a hedge against uncertain interest rate environments
  • The client can choose to pay annual interest in advance or in arrears; annual interest accrual also available subject to underwriting review and insurance carrier guidelines
  • The client will know the exact interest payment requirement for a specified time period


  • Loan interest rate is fixed for a specific time period
  • Loan interest payment method (advance, arrears, accrual) is fixed for a specific time period
  • Additional collateral to secure breakage may be required; a breakage fee may apply if the loan is paid off before the end of the fixed rate period
  • Available for  Universal life, Whole life (with APL turned off) and Indexed policies
  • Fixed Rate options are available midterm; there is no requirement to establish a fixed rate at origination

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